Help shape our future.

Our Culture

How do you define a culture that’s been shaped and sharpened for over 135 years? Our people have many unique characteristics, but we have a lot in common too. We are refreshingly honest, industrious, and share a spirit for collaboration.


You know that constant voice in your head telling you to do the right thing? It’s at the core of our people, and it shows up in countless decisions we make every day. Like going above and beyond to serve a customer or taking extra measures to ensure employee safety. That’s how we’ve done business for more than 135 years.

Shared Effort

Our company was founded on a very fortunate partnership. Since then, we’ve valued cooperation and teamwork. It's exciting when your team is firing on all cylinders and everything just clicks. That’s the goal here, because we know the quality of our daily interactions impacts how much we enjoy our jobs.


If there’s something to accomplish, we’re on it. We’re the ones who roll up our sleeves and look for a better way to do it next time. We desire ingenuity, however it might look on you. Whether it’s your creative mind, your drive to improve a process, or your knack to lead a team, high-caliber performance is welcome here.

Give it all you've got.

There’s a world of opportunity waiting for those who apply themselves. We employ thousands of individuals around the globe – from maintenance mechanics to IT specialists, office administrators to welders, accountants to engineers, and everything in between. There’s no limit to where your career could take you at L&P.

We foster individual development, leadership, and growth with resources available to all employees. Our Emerging Leader Academy celebrates individuals with budding leadership qualities and a desire to grow. Our Supervisor Essentials training program equips frontline supervisors with foundational leadership skills.

Do the world some good.

We believe in the power of being a positive force, and we have a long history of giving back to our communities. With charitable efforts throughout our company, our contributions include everything from supporting the arts to sponsoring youth athletic teams.

We’re also committed to leaving this world a little better than we found it. We share companywide environmental goals of conservation, recycling and reuse, and energy efficiency.

Find where you fit in.

We think our culture is pretty unique — and you'll never believe how many opportunities await you here. We conceive, design, and produce an array of products that are as diverse as our people.