Your future starts here.

How to Apply

We know applying for any job can be daunting, challenging, and frustrating at times. We want you to have a better experience than that. Because you are more than a data set, we have real people reviewing resumes and making decisions. We’ve outlined our process below – that way you know what’s going on every step of the way.

  1. 1

    Complete Your Profile

    It’s simple. When you find a position on our careers site, click “Apply now”! The site will ask you to create a profile first. It benefits you to fill out the profile as completely as possible because then our Talent Advisors will have a more accurate representation of you.

    We know it’s a bit lengthy, but filling out your profile includes uploading your resume and adding personal information, education, and work history. The final step will be completing the job-specific application. Then you’re done!

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    Receive a Notification

    You’ll receive an email confirmation when your profile and application are submitted. And now our work begins. We review each and every resume, so you can imagine that it takes a bit of time. In the meantime, you can check to see if your application is still under review. Simply sign in to your account, click on “Job Management,” and then you’ll see a list of your applications and their statuses.

  3. 3


    If your application is selected to move beyond initial review, a Talent Advisor will call or email you to schedule an introductory interview, typically conducted over the phone and with a hiring manager. Phone screens usually take 30-45 minutes.

    We select our top candidates for onsite interviews. While each of our interviews can be slightly different, all are conversational and typically take 1-3 hours, where the point is for us to get to know each other. You’ll be joined by a Talent Advisor and hiring manager(s) who will walk through your education and work history in a chronological format.

    For more senior-level positions, or when multiple stakeholders are involved, additional interviews may be required. If we ask for a follow-up interview, it likely means you stood out to us! After a final interview, we typically follow up with a reference check, as well as possible background and credit checks

  4. 5


    If you’re the one, we’ll make you an offer and we hope you’ll say yes! You’ll have the chance to review your offer letter and full benefits package to make an informed decision. If you’re not the one, don’t get discouraged. Our hiring needs are always changing, and we post new positions on our careers site each week.


Do you have open positions other than those on your company website?

Yes. We currently list Corporate salaried and hourly positions as well as key branch positions on our site, but Leggett & Platt has a global family of over 130 branches that post and hire independently. To find these opportunities, we recommend calling the location of interest to inquire about how to apply.

Can I apply to more than one position?

Absolutely. We encourage you to apply to any positions that meet your work experience, qualifications, and interests.

I applied and waiting to hear back is tough. Why the wait?

We care about making quality hires over quick hires. While each position is different, we typically receive about 100 applications per position and we review every one of them. Most positions are filled within 60 days, although increased volume or other circumstances can affect that timeframe.

Will I hear back if I'm not selected?

Yes. You’ll receive either an email or a call, so be sure to monitor your inbox and voicemails. You might even double-check your spam filter settings or junk mailbox from time to time.

Do you have additional tips for me?

Here are other questions we frequently hear:

  • Cover letter or no? While it’s not absolutely necessary, a well-written cover letter can provide our Talent Advisors with more information about you, which is a good thing! Our best advice: Be authentic and be concise.

  • Listing my salary expectations on the application? We get it. It feels weird to announce how much you’d like to make so early in the process. But providing a general range of what you believe your skillset is worth helps us begin to determine if we’re all playing in the same sandbox. It’s also easiest for us all to be as upfront as possible, so that we might avoid any surprises further into an interview process.